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Tabby shorthair cat
  • 1 Daily Visit £10
  • 2 Daily Visits £14
  • Per Night Stay £30
Telephone interview

About ME

My name is Ellen and while I don't have a cat of my own at the moment I love and adore cats, have grown up with them and will cross the road at any opportunity to meet a new cat! I know that every cat has a different personality some quiet and shy some exuberant and demanding of your attention. I have years of personal experience with these wonderful creatures and looked after cats for friends while they are away popping in to give their beloved pets food and spend quality time there to make sure their kitties are happy and content while their humans are away. As a cat sitter I would be responsible and reliable and make sure your pet is well looked after and happy while you are away. It would also make up for the big kitty-shaped hole in my life!

  • My Area London N16 (3.0KM)

    • Years of cat care
    • Owns/Owned a cat
    • Can administer medication
    • House sitter
    • Happy to travel
  • My Availability


My ReviEws

  • 15 Jun 17



    I can warmly recommend Ellen as a cat-sitter as she is caring, responsible and trustworthy. Ellen has been looking after my two cats on several occasions and she is an amazing cat sitter. My cats now recognise her when she arrives and they are completely comfortable and relaxed around her. She takes great care of them and they always look happy and healthy when I return home. Ellen is very responsible as I have left my house keys with her and I have been extremely lucky to have someone like Ellen to look after them when I’m away.

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