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British Blue shorthair cat
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Elise H

About ME


I'm currently living in Selly Oak, having only moved here a couple of months ago from Rugby, Warwickshire due to work. I'm a manager working in a Cafe near Grand Central. I've had cats ever since I was born as my mum absolutely loves them and wanted us kids to grow up with animals around. I adore animals, but cats are so close to my heart I feel I know them. From their different purrs, to their love of throwing themselves at Christmas Trees!!!

As a cat sitter, I would treat your cats with the utmost care. I understand things from some cats liking their food mashed to some not liking gravy!

I have a lot of patience with animals, so shy cats don't phase me at all and if they need space that's fine but if they want/need cuddles then all the better :)

I miss my cats immensely now I have moved, so it would be lovely to care a little for others.

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