Ginger domestic longhair cat
  • 1 Daily Visit £10
  • 2 Daily Visits £25
  • Per Night Stay £35

About ME

Im a 19 year old girl currently on a gap year. I am very flexible and almost always available for cat sitting. I have always loved cats and have owned 4 cats in the past. I currently look after my cousins kitten with her. I am knowledgeable about what cats/kittens need and Im on time with feeding them,playing with them,giving them love and affection and putting them to sleep. I am happy to care for your cat however you tell me to.

  • My Area tw7 (30.0KM)

    • Years of cat care
    • Owns/Owned a cat
    • House sitter
    • Travel long distance
  • My Availability


My ReviEws

  • 15 Jun 17




    Hibah has taken care of my cat many times and she's always done a fantastic job. Cats love her. She always leaves my place clean and tidy and my cat is happy! I definitely recommend her for cat sitting!

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