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Hi, my name is Rimma. I work as a freelance Interpreter and my job allows me to do many other things that I love. One of them is to care about and spending time with cats.) I have always loved animals and have a lot of experience looking after my friends' cats when they were away. We also had a very intelligent grey cat with my sister 20 years ago and I would love to have a cat living with me now, but unfortunately, it is often a big 'no' when you rent in London. You can enjoy being on holiday away from your cat knowing that they are well looked after and they are having a good time as well. I will send you daily updates and photos and you will find them happy on your return.

I would follow your instructions, as no one knows your cat better than you. Would do basic care as feeding and cleaning after your pet, some talking therapy, and lots of cuddles, if the cat is willing here, of course. I will also send you daily updates and photos of your pet.

If you choose me as your next cat sitter, I will send you daily updates and photos of your furbaby. I will also make sure you come back home to a happy, relaxed cat.
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