Tabby domestic shorthair cat
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Dawn K

About Me

The cat's whiskers! Caring cat sitting in Cleethorpes.

Hello there!

I'm Dawn, and as a real cat lover, it's wonderful to be able to help other cat owners out.

Cat sitting is my furry sideline to the day job - I'm self-employed as a weddings, namings & funeral celebrant, so my schedule is pretty flexible, meaning I'll be able to arrange times that suit you and your pet.

I'm warm, caring, conscientious and accommodating. Ask and I'll help if I can.

I also manage a FB page for my own fuzz nugget - Sigi Freud the Pixie Bob Cat - where you can see how much I adore cats.

I'm owned by a kitty myself and know how important it is to have the peace of mind that your pet is safe, well, and happy when you're out or away.

I can pop in daily or stay over to feed and fuss your furbaby.

I'm happy to keep you updated with photos/videos on how they're doing.

Every cat is unique, and they all have their quirks and preferences. Just let me know theirs and I'll try to keep them to a familiar routine to minimise their and your stress while you're not there.

I'm DBS checked annually. Do message me here to check availability - I don't update the calendar as being self employed this changes weekly. When you call, don't be thrown if it goes to voicemail as you'll hear my greeting message for my main business - but it's ok to leave CIAF messages there too. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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