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What is my cat’s tail telling me?

6 May 2019.

Cats can be very mysterious animals. It’s difficult to tell what your cat is thinking; are they crawling up to you because they want to play, or are they demanding more food? Is your cat’s tail wag a friendly gesture of companionship, or is your cat mad at you?

While we can’t exactly communicate with our cat through meowing and purring, we can use indicators such as their tail to see exactly what it is they’re trying to tell us. In this article, we are looking at the cats behaviour from the tail-end.

Here are a handful of different cat tail positions and what they mean.

Cat's tail illustration

Tip: As a cat sitter you will meet a lot of different cats with different behaviours and characteristics. Understanding the cat’s tail movements, facial expressions and different meows is important to pave the way for great friendships.

Sometimes we do wonder if cat’s tails have a mind of their own though 😸

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