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Should I adopt a cat to beat loneliness?

13 Dec 2020.

The festive season can be a lonely time for a lot of people. This year, more than any other, people are suffering from isolation over Christmas and through winter. For many cat owners, their furry friend is a real source of comfort when times get tough. But can a cat help feelings of isolation and loneliness? And what else do you need to consider when thinking of whether you should adopt a cat? Below, Cat in a Flat looks into the pros and cons of bringing a kitty into your life. 

The presence of a cat at home can be extremely comforting – 📷 @snapiteli

The pros of adopting a cat

Cats take a lot of responsibility but are great company
Cats take a lot of responsibility but are great company

The cons of adopting a cat

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Consider adopting a cat from a shelter who needs a home

Adopt cats, don’t shop

When considering getting a cat, adoption is almost always the kindest and most ethical way forward. There are so many cats out there that need new homes and face an uncertain future without someone to take them home. Cat charities and adoption centres are dedicated to finding the right human for each cat. Charities will take your individual circumstances and experience into account. Factors such as whether you have children, other pets, live alone, your home environment and whether you’ve cared for cats before. This level of concern means adoption centres are one of the safest places to get a cat too. 

However, some cats from adoption centres will come from difficult backgrounds and will need more time and care than others. Other cats could have health problems that owners will have to manage. Many cat charities will help people with vet bills to care for a kitty with health problems. But you will need the time, and emotional and physical wherewithal to be able to cope. 

Please take these factors into account and be honest when discussing your experience and situation with an adoption centre. The worst thing for a cat would be to be adopted and then returned, or worse abandoned, so careful consideration is vital. 

Of course, some people can’t adopt cats because they require a particular breed because of allergies. In this situation, always seek a recommended and ethical breeder. Cat breeding regulations change from country to country, but unfortunately laws and regulations are few and far between. A personal recommendation is usually the best way forward in this circumstance. 

Remember that some cats are less likely to be adopted than others. Older and less abled cats are often overlooked, as are black kitties, so if you’re looking to adopt please be open minded.

A cat is for life

With the isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, shelters and breeders across the world have seen an increase in adoption and purchase enquiries. While news of people adopting cats should be a cause for celebration, there are also reasons to be concerned. Bringing a cat into one’s life and home is a commitment not to take lightly. Impulsive decisions to get a pet can often result in owners abandoning that animal if they haven’t adequately considered the responsibilities involved. Being lonely isn’t enough of a reason to want a cat. You need to be committed to the whole experience of caring for an animal. Which we can promise is absolutely worthwhile!

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