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Is my Cat Fat or Fluffy?

14 Feb 2019.

Just like you might set new health goals for yourself, feeding your kitty a diet tailored to their specific breed, age, health and lifestyle is critical for lifelong health. And remember to always provide plenty of fresh water.

Firstly check your kitty’s weight

Not sure if your kitty is overweight? The PDSA has some great guidelines

If you decide that your cat does need to loose his belly then consult your vet and take a closer look at their diet and exercise routine.

Your cats diet:

There are so many food options out there so sticking to the guidelines of your cats age and health should be the easiest way to make sure your kitty is getting everything it needs.

It’s very important to follow the guidelines on the pack, always weigh the food each day and give no more!

Your cats exercise:

Plan a fun daily exercise routine. We know it’s not always easy to stick too, but it’s a great way to bond with your furry friend and keep his health in check.

Get into the mind of your cat, what games would your little hunter like to play?

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