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Find a Cat Sitter – 3 tips to make the right choice

21 Jan 2020.

Once you’ve made the excellent decision to find and use a cat sitter , it is only right to make absolutely certain you select the right individual for the job!

Ensure your cat-sitter can provide the service you require-whether that be a drop-in service or overnight cat-sitting.

Here are a few tips on how to make the right choice in finding the purrfect cat sitter:

01 Trust points to help you choose your cat sitter

There are several points you should consider when going through the process of choosing a trusted cat sitter.

Read the cat sitters profile carefully

Each cat carer has their own personal profile description. This helps you get an idea of who they are and the type of service they will offer. They will set their own rates and availability and have reviews from previous jobs. Read every piece of information carefully to help you make an informed decision on who you would like to contact.

Engage with the cat sitter in an online conversation

It’s always advisable to contact two to three cat sitters when you’re making your first booking. That way you can see who replies the quickest and judge their response. They should reply within 24hrs, be polite and have constructive questions or replies to your queries.

Invite your favourite cat sitter for a free meet & greet

When you have made your decision on the cat sitter that you want to invite for an interview, it is essential you are able to trust them implicitly. Always go with your gut when interviewing possible cat-sitters. Your impression of your initial online conversation should be reflected in their personal behavior when you meet them. They should appear interested in your cat or be proactive in asking questions about your cat and their routine, if not you may want to revisit alternative candidates.

02 When is a cat sitter reliable, competent and experienced?

You need to know you can rely on your cat sitter to be able to do more than just refill bowls and clean out the litter box. These tips may help you when it comes to selecting your cat sitter:

03 Cat sitter trial booking

It is really important you get to know your cat-sitter and see if they are a good fit for you and your fur family. It’s important that your cat and cat sitter get to know each other too. If you are planning a long trip away it might therefore be advisable to book a trial day a couple of weeks beforehand.

IMPORTANT: To avoid any misunderstandings, always confirm your booking through Cat in a Flat and leave clear instructions for your cat sitter.

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