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Does my cat miss me when I’m not around?

25 May 2020.

Every cat owner knows how special their bond is with their kitty. But cats are independent animals, and that can lead us to wonder whether our kitties notice and care if we’re not there. Below, Cat in a Flat finds out the signs of whether your cat has missed you when you’ve been away.

The human and cat bond

Everyone knows the expression “man’s best friend”. We know that dogs and humans can forge extraordinary bonds. And that dogs will often show signs of extreme excitement and joy when reunited with their owners. But what about cats? When their shows of emotion are less obvious we can find ourselves asking the question – does my cat miss me when I’m not around?

It’s true, cats are more independent than their canine counterparts and can appear aloof and indifferent to their owner’s affections. However, cat owners know that it’s wildly inaccurate to think that kitties and their humans don’t forge deep bonds. According to many academic studies, cats are deeply attached to their owners and see them as vitally important caregivers. A study by Oregon State University even showed that cats prefer socialising with their owners to food!

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Signs that your cat has missed you

While some cats may appear completely un-phased by your absence, there are plenty of signs that indicate they are happy to see you. Some of them might be a little subtle, but pay close attention to the behaviour, expressions and body language of your cat, and you can learn to interpret them.

Dealing with feline separation anxiety

If your cat becomes stressed or anxious when you are away, here are some ways you can help them cope.

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So does your cat miss you when you’re away? Of course! Find out some of the other ways cats express their love for you by reading this Cat in a Flat blog

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