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Cat Sitter – Holiday Care in Familiar Surroundings

18 Dec 2019.

Home really is where the cat is!

As humans we know only too well what it’s like to miss your family or the peace and safety of home, we even have a term for it… being ‘homesick’. From the cat’s perspective, their home is a sanctuary. It is their core territory and the place that is unequivocally theirs.

Without a doubt their home, is the most important thing to them, above any other resource or relationship. So whether it is for your holidays, business trips, Christmas breaks or medical emergencies, a cat sitter who can take care of your cat at home is always the best option.

Keeping it simple, keeping it the same!

No matter which way you look at it, using a cattery involves stressful travel, unfamiliar sounds and unfamiliar smells. Your cat will no longer be within their familiar surroundings and whatever habitat they are offered, no matter how luxurious, it will be smaller and far more intimidating than staying at home.

Cats like things to be familiar!

Cats are creatures of habit. They have their daily routines, favourite places to sleep in the morning, observe the family in the day and nap in the afternoon. They find comfort in eating from the same food bowls, and using their own litter tray in a familiar surroundings. By arranging a cat-sitter to take care of your cat at home you are guaranteed to dramatically decrease the chances of stress related disease or unwanted behaviour.

Hassle Free Cat Sitting Service

By employing a cat-sitter you will remove the hassle of booking in to a cattery, which usually has to be arranged weeks or months in advance.

Peace of mind and home security

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